From Lesbos, one can purchase the following:

Definitely the best and with the most brand names, ouzo of Greece, made with the well kept secrets of the distillers, the herbs from the land of Lesbos with dominant the aniseed from Lisvori.

Wide variety of salted fish canned, such as sardines, anchovies, chub mackerel, Lakerda (cured bonito), Scoumbri (mackerel).

The famous cheeses were spearheaded by the famous Ladotyri, Graviera, Kefalograviera, kasseri of Eressos. Feta cheese with unique texture and spicy flavor.

Aromatic honey.

Herbs like sage, mountain tea, and chamomile.

Pure olive oil soaps.

Products from the women’s cooperatives of the island, such as the famous «gemata» (amygdalota) almond sweets, spoon sweets, trahana (buttermilk pasta sun dried), various handmade pastas.

Ceramic excellent art from Agiasos-Mantamados-Akrotiri.

Woodcarving traditional art from Agiasos

Above all, the diamond of Mytilene the Olive Oil of Lesvos.