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The company is active in the beautiful island of Lesvos, which, besides the natural beauty, the great cultural heritage and its long history, produces some of the best foods in the world.

These foods, the main product of which is olive oil, are selected, collected, standardized and marketed. Search for and try our products.

They will win you, they will end you and become our customers and our best advertisers.

organic extra virgin

Aeolion: Organic Extra Virgin


Everyday culture through a wonderfully delicious elixir of longevity from the mountain groves of Gera Lesvos.

extra virgin

Aeolion: Extra Virgin


Strictly selected. Distillate passion of human and nature. An excellent product, like the place that bore it.

Extra Virgin 5 liters

RO: Extra Virgin 5lt


A flow of energy and health. Every day pleasure which gives colour and flavour to life values.

RO Virgin 5 liters

RO: Virgin 5lt


Energy and health flow. Daily delight, giving color and taste to the values of everyday life.

Collector’s case

Hand-made wooden collector’s case of the English school, dressed in real leather on the outside, with brass corners, invested with green felt on the inside. If you wish, you can inscribe your own personal details.

Delicious Recipes With Aeolion

Recipe for excellent olive oil

olive branch with olivesWe take a blessed place, like that of Gera’s mountain olive grove.

We add sun, air, rain, herbal aromas and nature.

We mix with a lot of human passion and effort. We glean the wrist. We olize “cold” and only by mechanical methods.

We keep our olive oil as an eye pupil, without light, at low temperatures. Finally, we bottle it in dark-coloured bottles and we wish you a “Bon Appetite”.

The “chefs”
D. Ε. Katzouridis
Ι. Μ. Fotiou


aeolion olive bottle on water


When water
turns the earth fertile.


two bottles of aeolion olive in our collector's case


Everyday affordable luxury,
that you can enjoy.

Cycles Of Life

aeolion wooden emblem with laser engraving


Everyday affordable luxury,
that you can enjoy.