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The company operates on the very beautiful island of Lesvos, which apart from its natural beauty, its great cultural heritage and its centuries-old rich history, produces also some of the best foods of the world.

These foods, with the olive oil being the main product,we select, collect, standardise and trade them. Search and try our products. They will win your heart, they will satisfy your gastronomic curiosity and you will become our customers and our best advertisers.

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Organic extra virgin

Everyday culture through a wonderfully delicious elixir of longevity from the mountain groves of Gera Lesvos.

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Extra virgin

From the island of Sappho, Theophilos and Elytis. An excellent product, like the place that bore it.


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Extra virgin 5lt

Strictly selected. Distillate passion of human and nature. Daily pleasure which gives color and flavor to the values of life.

Recipe for excellent olive oil

Logo AeolionTake a blessed place like the mountain grove of Gera. Add sun, wind, rain, aromas of herbs and nature.Mix it together with plenty of human passion and sweat. Gather the fruit reverently. Process the oil with 'cold extraction' and solely by mechanical means. We treasure our olive oil, with no light, at low temperatures. Finally, bottled in dark bottles and we wish you "Bon appétit".

  The "chefs"
        D. E. Katzouridis
   I. M. Photiou



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When the water makes the land bear fruit.



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 Everyday accessible luxury, you can enjoy.

Life cycles


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 Strictly selected. The result of the eternal cycle of the seasons.

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